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Ray & Lillian

SHERMAN — Ray Ford spends most mornings cooking in the back of his diner, while his wife, Lillian Ford, watches over a pie in the oven or the restaurant’s books. … Continue reading

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‘Bigger than basketball’

SPRINGFIELD — Seven basketballs pounded a dimly lit court Friday night during the Central Illinois Xpress’ practice. The middle school girls’ coach searched the gymnasium at Abundant Faith Christian Center in Springfield … Continue reading

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PETERSBURG — Bill and Bud have added a little cheer to keeping off their holiday weight. Jingle bells will ring with the clippety-clop of their hooves most weekends in December. … Continue reading

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Not so clear

CHATHAM — Some days, Jewel Brant’s tap water smells musty. Others, it tastes like chlorine. Either way, she doesn’t want to drink it. The Brant family switched to drinking bottled … Continue reading

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Still fighting

BUFFALO — Life for Keely Dickenson has been a battle, but it’s one she feels blessed to have fought. Her weapon of choice? Perspective. The Illinois National Guard veteran spent … Continue reading

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Fix it

GILLESPIE — Mark Goldasich can correct an inaccurate measurement or a poorly cut piece of wood. Handling a botched budget was another story. Goldasich knew his construction classes at Gillespie … Continue reading

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Coming home

WAVERLY — The Rev. Dennis Mumaw asked his church to show compassion beyond Waverly’s borders. It spread all the way to China. In less than three years, four Chinese orphans … Continue reading

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